Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Salaries, The World, and You

So, Joystiq is bemoaning Satoru Iwata's low salary. He makes $770,000 per year. Tell me one remotely-reasonable thing that he couldn't afford.

As long as he didn't buy Nintendo stock when I did (Goddammit), he probably makes a hell of a lot more than $770,000 per year. I wish more companies followed Nintendo's model, and gave CEOs, rockstar-employees, and headline-makers far lower salaries, enough to live a very comfortable life, but nothing on the 7-to-8-digit obscene salaries that Western companies pay to their big players.

A company's success should belong to that company. It should NEVER belong to that company's leaders, nor its peons, because neither one is solely responsible for said success. That money should be reinvested into R&D, marketing and customer benefits. It is an insult to all involved parties to see that wealth distributed in unfair ways.

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