Monday, November 05, 2007

Quick Path Access in OS X

Here's a neat trick I just found out about, that I'm sure has been present forever. When you're using Safari, Finder, and presumably any other application with "paths," context-clicking the title bar will provide a breakdown of your current browsing context.

In Safari:

In Finder:


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Amazon MP3 Store: Digital Music Done Right

I just spent 30 minutes tooling around in Amazon's MP3 Store. After reading the reviews and whatnot, I was pleasantly surprised with exactly the experience that was promised--tons of music, all of which is priced relatively cheaply, with a light-weight cross-platform downloading program (whose usage, best of all, is OPTIONAL).

It's spooky how well this store is put together. The (unfortunately Flash-based) preview applet is non-intrusive, opens no new windows, and works nicely. I've been wanting Kanye West's Stronger, so I got it. Easy-peasy. I also bought Year Zero and Human After All for about $8 each. No DRM, high-quality. The coolest thing? I had free access to those albums anyway, but in lower quality rips from friends.

Do you hear me, you media conglomerate bastards? (Of course you don't, but I'll talk anyway.) You will sell more music if you sell it without being a bunch of money-grubbing fiends. Customers will stop stealing music if you actually treat them like valuable customers.