Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Romanizations Go Bye-Bye, Plzthx

I got a request that my romanization-removing userscript for KoreanClass101.com be extended to also remove distracting Romanizations from its sister site JapanesePod101.com. That sounded like a good enough idea, so it's done!

Just head on over to the tool's userscripts.org page to install it. Don't know how to install it? You need GreaseKit for Safari, Greasemonkey for Firefox, or a new web browser if you're using IE.

Update: I realized I hadn't added the other requested feature, namely removing Romanization from the searchable dictionaries. I've added that, and it should work for both JapanesePod101 and KoreanClass101.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Cool Things About Google Buzz

Because if you can't say anything nice...
  1. Buzz will group together posts that you make in a short span of time. I shared four articles from Google Reader in the space of about a minute, and they appeared as one "Buzz," like so:

  2. Buzz on the iPhone gives you two lists: the buzzes of those you follow, and the buzzes of those nearby geographically. I presumed this was done using Google Latitude, but it seems like they're getting the info from elsewhere.
Also, I wrote this post on my iPhone. It wasn't very comfortable, but it wasn't very painful either. Looking forward to trying out the iPad to see if the larger form factor makes it nicer. I'm almost as excited as Mr. Forstall here:

"You don't even think about it! You just....do!"

Preach on, Scott.