Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Really Am Still Blogging

You know something's up when your last post starts with "I'm going to try to be terser and more frequent in my postings." And said last post is almost three months old.

Well, I have something to show for such a delay. Three things, actually:

Firstly, a link to a game I made here at ETC. It's not as good as I would have liked it to be, but seeing as how it's my first finished game and was made in two weeks in a language I didn't know before starting, I'm quite pleased with the result. This (and subsequent games I post about) were made in a class called Building Virtual Worlds, where you're given a game design prompt, and two weeks to implement it.

I also have a video of my most recent BVW assignment. Why no link to the game? Well, for one, I haven't packaged it up yet. But also, it uses an alternative input device (read: not a mouse or keyboard) so you'd have a hard time playing it anyway. The video will be at the bottom of the post. I made it myself. =)

Finally, some news: I'm pitching a project for next semester here at ETC-Adelaide. If it gets greenlighted (and it's looking like it might), then I get to design a game over the spring Down Under! Schweet.

That's all for now. I seriously will try to post more often, or at least regularly. Hard to keep up when you're this busy!