Monday, June 15, 2009

A MySoju Plugin for Plex Media Server

It would be awesome if Plex, the Mac media centre software, had support for the CJK drama website MySoju. Fortunately, Plex has a relatively easy plugin architecture, so I've started working on such a feature!

So far, the plugin can browse all dramas, movies, staff picks and rankings. As for actually viewing the videos, if they are hosted on MSN Soapbox, they will work. Over the next week I will be adding support for as many of MySoju's sources as I can. I'm a bit worried about how hard supporting Dailymotion will be, since they're breaking the MySoju site right now. Time will tell.

Anyway, the plugin is progressing nicely, so if you want to see some screenshots, just click the thumbnails below!


Elan said...

Looking forward to it, looking great so far!

netsaint said...

When will it be available for testing / using ? It really looks great from the screen shots!

Khakionion said...

Soon! With the shutdown of MSN Soapbox, I've decided to add some better detection of unavailable video. I'll create a Google Code project for the code soon.