Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Google/Address Book Syncing--Just iPhone Advertisement

So, over at the Google Mac blog, they've announced the ability to sync Google contacts. With what? Well with Address Book, of course. Yes, Address Book, that system-wide service/application with iCal, Safari and integration. It's an important piece of software to many Mac users, so you can see why it'd be useful to sync with your Google contacts.

Oh, did I mention it only works if you have an iPhone?

This is what a slap in the face looks like.

See that bottom checkbox? "Synchronize with Google?" The feature works like a charm, or so I'm told. I wouldn't know, because that simple little checkbox (which surely doesn't require any sort of iPhone software to work properly) just flat out does not appear unless that Mac has been synced in the past with an iPhone.

Quoth the Google Mac blog entry: "We hope this helps you keep a little more of your information organized and easy to find, at any place and time you need it." Sorry, guys, you fail it.

Update: Looks like you need an iPod of some sort, not just an iPod. See this Lifehacker post for details and info on how to get around this mind-numbingly stupid restriction.


Anonymous said...

Well, sorry about this,

But I haven't got an iPhone and it appears in my address book

Gizmotronic said...

Mine too. And it syncs when I fire up iSync.

Consider researching next time.

Khakionion said...

Perhaps you guys have an iPod touch? I'm getting reports that they enable Google syncing, too. Whatever the case, you two have done something to "enable" this feature because it truly doesn't work on a plain 10.5.3 Mac. See my screen capture.

Now, Lifehacker's posted a way to enable the sync without an iPhone. You'll notice it involves manually changing iPod preferences.

So after researching, Gizmotronic, it looks like it needs an iPod of some sort, not just an iPhone. It's still lame of Google/Apple (whoever negotiated this stipulation) to not just enable Google contact syncing. This feature has no inherent dependency on iPod technology.