Thursday, February 01, 2007

Catching Up, and (Corporate) Desktop Linux

I've been inspired by Donna's impressive adherence to regular, frequent posting, I'm going to try to be terser and more frequent in my postings. I doubt I can manage daily posts, especially these days, but we'll see what comes about.

Like this guy, I'm sick of trying to get Linux to play nice with corporate networks. Granted, it's not Linux's fault. Crappy MS Exchange installations (that is to say "MS Exchange installations at all"), and other proprietary nonsense is most certainly not how one should run an office. If your business doesn't use standards like IMAP/POP3, SSH, iCalendar, OpenVPN et cetera, then getting Linux to play nice with it is more trouble than it's worth. There's another *nix vendor out there who plays much nicer with such environments. :)

More frequent posts will inevitably mean more personal posts as well, which I guess is fine with me. So, I'll just use this post to catch up to the present. As I posted previously, I'm leaving Arkansas to go to the Carnegie Mellon ETC in Australia this month. My schedule works like so:

  • My last day at Acxiom is the 9th.
  • I'm leaving on the 12th for Australia.
  • School starts the 26th.

Since I'm going to be super-bogged-down with all sorts of wonderful ETC stuff after that, I've assembled a laundry list of things to do before I go:

  • Get more acquainted with the Torque products, Game Builder and Game Engine.
  • Redesign the five-year old using my newfound abilities as a Web 2.0 programmer.
  • Sell all my crap, and get my MacBook triple-booting so I only need one computer overseas.
Future entries will be less catch-up, more substance!

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Thanks for the link! Glad you liked the story.

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