Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Serious Games Presentation

If you're here for the Serious Games slides, look no further.

You can download them in PDF format, or SWF (Flash) format.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, on March 1st I held a couple of workshops at the National EAST Conference in Hot Springs, where I talked (and talked and talked) about Serious Games. If you're interested, grab the slides, or follow these citations for more information.

Adage's HCI study with Shadowgrounds
Social Impact Games

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Kate Murphy said...

Mr. Herring-
If you remember, I left you my card at Conference, and asked many pestilential questions concerning programming in C. Any help you would have to offer would be greatly appreciated, both by my team and myself. I have an idea to go into a similar career, and anything I can learn early would obviously be a step-up.
I apologise for bothering you so soon. Our InvenTeam is traveling to the U of A (Fayetteville) Wednesday to speak with professors, concerning our project.
By the way, your presentation was commendable. I had to present at our booth, and the experience was not a wonderful one. I really enjoyed your presentation, even though I am not much of a gamer. All I have is a Sega Saturn. Talk about poor graphics!

Most sincerely,
Kate Murphy